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The 10 fundamental skills of Crossfit are: cardiovascular endurance, strength, speed, power, stamina, coordination, accuracy, balance, agility and flexibility.

Notice I mentioned flexibility last. Probably because that is where most people tend to place it on their list of to-do things at the box. Probably because it’s a bit boring and probably because you can’t brag about your flexibility to your friends. “Dude, check out my sick hamstring length!!!” Probably because you can’t technically “PR” on your stretching. Everyone wants to hear about how you smashed Fran, not many people (other than your nerdy physio) want to hear how you can now touch your toes.

Keep in mind though, that as boring as working on your flexibility is, your lack of flexibility will have the biggest impact on your ability to improve the other 9 areas of Crossfit. If you can’t touch your toes (for example), how can you expect to deadlift properly without hurting your back, or even do toes-to-bar? Short muscle IS WEAK muscle. Nobody wants to be weak, come on, that’s why we do Crossfit RIGHT!?! Lack of flexibility will inevitably lead to injuries at some point also.

Working on your flexibility doesn’t have to take hours either. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day and pick 1-2 muscle groups/areas to concentrate on. Pick areas that you KNOW that you need work on or areas that are sore from your training. Do it in front of the TV or get to the box 15 minutes early and get it done. Give it time and you will notice a difference. Stop making excuses. Get off the couch and stretch that sh*t.

If you are really unsure about what to do, talk to your coach. Or go see a Physio. I know a good one (it’s me.. haha) http://www.hlclinic.com.au/. I also do mobility seminars at Crossfit boxes around the Gold Coast so drop me a line and see when & where the next one is. If you are a Crossfit affilitate owner and would like to have a mobility seminar at your gym, let me know! Otherwise, http://www.mobilitywod.com/.

Later Crossfit peeps!