4 03, 2015

The 3 stretches you NEED to be doing regularly

By | March 4th, 2015|Crossfitters, Mobility|Comments Off on The 3 stretches you NEED to be doing regularly

The 3 stretches you NEED to be doing regularly So many body parts to mobilize, so little time. You've got to prioritize your mobility. There isn't enough hours in the day to hit everything that needs work (for some of you out there). And who wants to spend hours mobilizing anyway? Not me! So here [...]

4 03, 2015

Pinchy Shoulder Pain?

By | March 4th, 2015|Crossfitters, Mobility, Shoulder Pain, Stability|Comments Off on Pinchy Shoulder Pain?

If you have shoulder pain or a pinching sensation with overhead movements, maybe your subscapularis is to blame. The subscapularis, which is an internal rotator of the shoulder, is an integral part of a functioning rotator cuff. However, this muscle often overlooked in favor of strengthening the external rotators of the shoulder. What is the Subscapularis? The [...]

8 04, 2014

Pinchy hip pain?

By | April 8th, 2014|Crossfitters, Hip pain, Mobility|Comments Off on Pinchy hip pain?

Are you suffering from pinchy, tight front of hip pain that is aggravated by squatting? You're not alone!! This is quite a common complaint in the Crossfit world, especially when people start squatting with increased volume and load without adequate technique and/or mobility. Take a look at your technique to start Squat technique is one [...]

3 02, 2014

“Tight” vs. “Overstretched” muscles

By | February 3rd, 2014|Lower Back Pain, Mobility, Stability|Comments Off on “Tight” vs. “Overstretched” muscles

If you find yourself saying or thinking the following, we need to chat: "My hammies are so tight all the time. I'm constantly rolling/triggering/stretching them, but they never seem to get any better". This is a case of not recognizing that you are doing the OPPOSITE of what you should be doing. But I feel [...]

29 01, 2014

Rolling your IT band is a waste of time

By | January 29th, 2014|Crossfitters, Hip pain, Lower Back Pain, Mobility|Comments Off on Rolling your IT band is a waste of time

Yep, that's right crew. Stop trying to smash out your IT band. Nothing is going to change! This is because your IT band is exactly that - a band of thick fascia that runs down the lateral (outside) aspect of the thigh. Fascia does not change in LENGTH. We can alter the consistency or stickiness [...]

2 12, 2013

Ankle Dorsiflexion and Squatting

By | December 2nd, 2013|ankle, Crossfitters, Mobility|Comments Off on Ankle Dorsiflexion and Squatting

Adequate ankle mobility (namely dorsiflexion) is a necessity for being able to perform a full depth, ass-to-grass squats as is required for Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting. There are a few things that may be restricting your ankle mobility, most of which can be dealt with and improved. This is an example of an amazing squat. [...]

28 08, 2013

Why Pec Minor can be a major pain

By | August 28th, 2013|Mobility, Shoulder Pain|Comments Off on Why Pec Minor can be a major pain

The pectoralis minor muscle isn't one that is often discussed, probably because it is overshadowed by it's larger and more superficial (closer to the surface) friend, pectoralis major.  Pec major is that big muscle on the surface of the chest that is responsible for bench press type movements. Pec minor is the smaller muscle underneath [...]

1 07, 2013

Are you missing shoulder extension ROM?

By | July 1st, 2013|Mobility, Shoulder Pain|Comments Off on Are you missing shoulder extension ROM?

Our shoulders are built for movement. The shoulder joint itself is a ball-and-socket joint, which allows movement in all directions. But, when someone has shoulder pain or injury, how much shoulder extension they have is usually overlooked because the majority of movements that affects the shoulder involve overhead actions. However, we need to investigate if [...]

3 Glute Activation exercise you need to be doing

3 Glute Activation Exercises you need to be doing

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