Mobility should be a non-negotiable part of training. And yet, for most, it’s something that is a last resort when something starts to hurt.

“My shoulder’s been pretty sore lately, so I’ll roll around on a lacrosse ball for awhile and hope it goes away….”

“Hmmm, my lower back feels pretty jacked. I’ll lay on the foam roller before attempting a new 1-RM today, that will sort it out.”

Does that sound familiar?

So, here are my top 5 tips for making your mobility more effective. Read on!

  1. Actually spend 10-15 minutes stretching/rolling/etc. Not just lying on the floor next to a roller. ACTUALLY working on mobility. This will require effort. Because it’s not super fun to stretch/trigger point. It hurts a bit.

2. Assess your before and after to see if what you’re doing is working. For example, check your squat before you address tightness/restrictions. Then spend 2-3 minutes on it. Re-assess to see if it helped. If it did – GREAT! If it didn’t – try something else.

3. Don’t always pick the same exercise. Try something new that you haven’t done already 67 times. Our bodies like change! Did you know that there’s an app made by MobilizeMe Physiotherapy called MobilizeMe? It’s like an encylopedia for all things mobility. Check it out here.

4. Work on the area of the body you’re about to train. If you’re doing an overhead movement, work on the upper body (shoulders, neck, thoracic spine). Prepare for the movement itself.

5. Mobilize in a position of restriction!!!!! If your glutes are tight in the bottom of a squat – it will do you NO FAVORS to stick a ball in your glutes while you stand and roll half-assed (literally) against a wall. Stick that ball in your glutes while you’re sitting on the ball, actively putting the hip into rotation. And then refer back to #1.

So there you have it! Put a bit of effort into your mobility work and reap the benefits!

Still not sure about what you should be doing? Take advantage of a Gap-Free Assessment (with your private health) at MobilizeMe Physiotherapy Miami.