Have you ever woken up with your neck stiff, sore with limited ability to move?

That’s what we call an Acute Wry Neck.

This condition is characterized by having restricted range of movement with a feeling of being “stuck”. The causes of this condition are not always known but can be from sleeping in an awkward position or a sudden, fast movement of the neck. One possible theory is that the facet joints in the neck become “locked” which results in the muscles in the neck going into a painful spasm. These muscle spasms cause pain and restrict movement.

Facet joints in cervical spine

What are the symptoms of an acute wry neck?

  • Sudden onset
  • Often one-sided
  • Restricted range of movement
  • Pain with movement, usually more into one direction than another
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain can refer into the shoulder

Who can get acute wry neck?

  • Anyone

What treatment can help?

This condition usually resolves in a few days with early intervention. If acute wry neck isn’t treated, the stiffness can last longer than a few days.

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