Physiotherapists are professionals who can help you recover from an illness or injury, but how can you decide which is the best Physio on the Gold Coast for your particular complaint?

Your doctor or fitness coach may be able to suggest one for you, but you should ask them a few questions before you treatment begins so you can make an informed decision about finding the right one for you:

1. Do You Specialise in Treating My Condition?

Physiotherapy covers a wide range of injuries and conditions. A particular Physio may specialise in pediatric cases for young people, another may be an orthopaedic clinical specialist for hip and knee pain, some may be more general and deal in sports injuries.

2. Do You Offer Individual Consultation or Do You Treat More Than One Person at a Time

Some Physiotherapists have group sessions where a number of people who have a similar condition can be treated together, this can have the advantage for each patient that they are encouraged by others in the group and the overall cost is less.

Some people feel that they would not be comfortable in a group session so require an individual consultation, so ask if this is possible.

3. Will I See the Same Physiotherapist During Each Appointment

Some Physiotherapists work in small clinic’s practices, while others work within a group so they have the advantage of spreading and sharing their knowledge. It really depends on the nature of the condition that is being treated and the preferences of the patient.

It can be advantageous to see a few different therapists while undergoing the full course of your treatments each Physio will have a slightly different approach and strategies. It may be that your particular condition is best suited to a particular therapist so in that case you would normally always see that therapist.

4. Will I always be seen by a Qualified and Experienced Physio or an Assistant or Aid?

At all times you should expect to be under the direct supervision of a fully qualified and experienced Physiotherapist. They may at times use qualified and licensed Physiotherapist assistants who are trained in assisting physiotherapist in your care in much the same way a trained nurse is an expert in providing patient care.

Aids help your Physio by making sure everything is ready for your session, they prepare the equipment necessary for your treatment and often help people with difficulty moving on their arrival and while moving from reception or the waiting area to the treatment areas they need to visit for their treatment

5. Payments and Healthcare

It is a good idea to establish the required payment methods before you begin your treatment. Some Physo will deal directly with insurance companies and healthcare, but you need to know about any out of pocket expenses due each visit

If you haven’t been to a Physio on the Gold Coast before, you may not be comfortable and know what you need to ask to make sure you receive the best possible care. Just by asking some simple and basic questions before choosing a particular Physio on the Gold Coast, you will be reassured you’ll get the best treatment and the possible best care from your physiotherapy experience.