Back surgery can be used to treat some very serious and painful conditions, many people who have had this type of treatment will find that physical therapy from a qualified and experienced Physio on the Gold Coast can help them recover and regain full movement and strength. Ask your doctor to recommend a local Physio to help you, but it is most likely they will do this as part of your treatment without asking.

Your Physio will study your condition and the way you normally move, including your posture and normal walking pattern. They will then create a special program that takes into account all your individual needs and requirements.

It takes time and patience to recover from back surgery and injury. Your Physio is specially trained to develop a precise exercise program, especially for you and your condition, one that’s geared to provide you with a full recovery and to help avoid any future problems with your back. They work in conjunction with your doctor and surgeon to get you up and active in the shortest possible time.

Postural Correction

Apart from accidents, the leading cause of back pain is having poor posture whether sitting or walking. This often happens when a person spends a lot of time sitting at a desk.

Your Physio on the Gold Coast will help you with the proper posture and exercises and postural control methods that are set up and tailored to your specific needs after back surgery.

Walking is one of the best exercises for recovering after back surgery, but must be done under the supervision of your Physio to ensure your spine is in the right position while you walk.

Walking helps improve your blood flow, taking nutrients and oxygen to your spinal tissues and muscles while they heal. At the same time it helps your cardiovascular health by keeping your lungs and heart working properly.


There are a number of exercises that are helpful for those recovering from back surgery, but it is very important that they are done correctly and under expert supervision or you could quickly make matters worse.

Some exercises your Physio may recommend

Prone Press ups

These are simple, but very effective exercises that help protect your back by compressing your disks while helping to place them in the correct position in the lower back.

Prone Straight Leg Raise

This exercise helps to strengthen and stabilise your lower back muscles

Sciatic Nerve Gliding

Often with lower back pain comes irritation of your sciatic nerve. This exercise is designed to relieve that condition by helping the sciatic nerve (the largest nerve in the body) to glide smoothly as you move.

Supine Lumber Flexion

This exercise helps to gently stretch all your lower back muscles, it can also be used to gently stretch and flex the new scar tissue caused from surgery.

It’s important to work closely with your Physio on the Gold Coast to get the best results after any back surgery. They will assist and monitor your recovery and design an exercise program tailored to suit your individual requirements to get you aid in your full recovery in the shortest possible time.