Having physical therapy is not just for accident or surgery recovery, in fact, it is now recognised as an important and beneficial as a way of preventing many of the aches and pains as well as age-related injuries many people experience as they get older. There are many other valid reasons to seek the help of your Physio in Miami.

The following are five key benefits of seeing your physical therapist:

1.      To Avoid Surgery

Many injuries, including sports and accident injuries can be effectively treated using a variety of techniques your Physio is trained to use. Often physical therapy can achieve total healing without the need for surgical intervention. A large number of surgical procedures require post-surgical physical therapy to aid in the recovery. Sometime this can start before surgery and possibly mean you can avoid it altogether

2.     Mobility Enhancement

Having your Physio create a tailored and targeted treatment plan can help regain mobility for those suffering from arthritis, injuries and chronic pain by minimizing discomfort, rebuilding muscles and your natural strength. This will help to increase your flexibility and range of motion allowing you to more easily enjoy your daily activities and have a better quality of life

3.     Pain Reduction

Physical pain can often be significantly reduced or even eliminated entirely through the use of Physio techniques. These include such techniques as manual therapy exercises like electrical stimulation, soft tissue and joint mobilization, ultrasound massage and hot and cold treatments. This can not only treat pain, but help to prevent it reoccurring while it restores mobility and independence. Often this can be so successful there is no longer any need for prescription pain medication

Your Physio is experienced and trained to deal with all manner of physical problems from chronic back pain, repetitive motion stress, poor posture and accident-related problems

4.     Stroke Recovery

Patients recovering from a stroke can be helped with regular Physiotherapy. It will help them to regain strength and the use of affected areas, rebuild coordination, improve balance and build confidence

5.     Injury Prevention

Many people find a regular pro-active Physio session helps them with ensuring their sports posture and activities are being done correctly. This is an excellent total body maintenance program that helps prevent injuries from activities found in everyday life as well as sports and accidents. Your Physio in Miami will guide you through a series of exercises that are created especially for you. Exercises that stimulate the areas that need to be worked on as they are strengthened and developed to ensure your safety when doing your normal exercise routines or partaking in your chosen sports activities.

A Physiotherapist’s job is to improve and enhance the quality of life for the patients in their care. They do this by using their knowledge and training to use their patient’s own body to rebuild themselves with the help of therapeutic exercises and manipulations designed to rebuild and strengthen them.

Your Physio in Miami can help prevent existing health conditions from worsening and possibly saving you from the need for invasive treatments or help your rehabilitation in situations where surgery is found to be necessary.