Ok, I suppose it is time that I write something on this blog! Thank you to Jessica Coughlan and Rob Downton for setting it up for me!

Here goes!

My name is Karise and I am a Physiotherapist and Crossfitter! YAY for Crossfit. I discovered it about 3 years ago through a fellow Canadian who was doing a student placement for Physio where I was working at the time. I distinctly remember looking at the Crossfit.com website and thinking to myself “who can do THIRTY pull-ups in one workout….as if!” Then I found a WOD with handstand push ups in it, so we all tried some of those in the office, unsuccessfully of course.

Anyway, fast forward 3 years and I am still Crossfitting and can proudly say that I have competed at the highest level of the sport, being a member of the Crossfit Gold Coast team that went to the 2011 Crossfit Games in L.A. I love the sport and can’t imagine life without it. What’s even better is that I get to treat fellow Crossfitters and help get them back to the sport they love. The fact I get to combine my passion for Crossfit with my career as a physio is awesome.

However much I love Crossfit, I have to admit that it does a pretty good job of breaking people. Myself included. It just comes with the territory of pushing your limits and training hard. I have always said that Crossfit is good at exposing people’s weaknesses, both mental and physical. Physical weaknesses, such as lack of mobility/flexibility and poor core strength will expose themselves at some point or another, in the form of injuries. Lack of mobility will have the biggest impact on your ability to improve in all areas of Crossfit. it’s true, people. Get your head around it. The sooner the better.

If you do get injured, get it sorted ASAP. The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to treat. Don’t think it “will just go away on it’s own”. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. Fix it or it will stop you from doing what you love. Just sayin’…

Saying that…find someone to fix you. And find someone who does Crossfit to fix you. They will understand your sport and what you put your body through. I have had numerous people come to me after seeing another practitioner who doesn’t Crossfit who told them “just to stop Crossfitting”. hahaha, funny! Telling a Crossfitter to stop is like telling them to chop off their foot. It isn’t gonna happen!

All righty then. If you are injured, give me a call. I will do my best to fix you and get you back to training. http://www.hlclinic.com.au/. If not at least get onto K-starr’s mobility wod. Do it.http://www.mobilitywod.com/ he is a genius. not like me….;-)