Desk jobs are the norm these days and research has shown how detrimental being in a seated position all day can be for us. I see many clients with lower back pain who are, quite literally, the shape of a chair. Imagine how well that translates over to performance at the box…

If you can convince your boss to get you a standing desk (as one client of mine has done successfully!) that would be the best thing to combat a lot of the issues that you can develop from sitting 8 hours+ a day. But, if not, here are 6 stretches/mobility pieces that you can do while at work to unglue some of those nasty tight spots.

  • Roll out your feet with a lacrosse ball
  • Trigger point your hammies
  • Desk jockey glute stretch
  • Pec stretch
  • Chair Thoracic extension/rotation
  • Samson/Couch stretch with desk chair

All these stretches can be found on the MobilizeMe app. For the price of a coffee you can access all the mobility you need for a WOD and to combat tightness from sitting on your butt at work all day!

Consitency with these is key. Try and hit a couple of them every hour for 2-3 minutes throughout the day. Also make sure that you are getting up and out of the chair at least every couple of hours also. Your co-workers may give you some strange looks from time to time but who cares? You’ve got to look after your body!