So you all watched the live announcement of 14.3 and know it’s deadlifts and box jumps with ascending weight, but did you all notice how badly Stacie Tovar’s back rounded, pretty much from the second weights? I hope so. And I also hope that you won’t repeat her form. Because that really wasn’t pretty. This workout is going to set your posterior on fire, there is no doubt about it. You need to be able to manage the heat and not end up burnt or injured!

IMG_4932[1]First thing to consider is the weight of the deadlifts and how you will manage. I would think that most people would be able to do the first and possibly second sets unbroken (10 and 15 reps). After this, you may want to consider breaking up the set to minimize time under tension. The second thing to remember is that you have to change the weights yourself. Make sure your weights are set out in such a manner that you know EXACTLY what weights go on next to minimize error (as we saw in the live show). I think Pichelli did 5 or 6 reps that didn’t count because she had the wrong weights on the bar. Also, try and minimize spending time hunched over the barbell adding the weight as this will only fire your lower back up even more. If you can go down onto one knee to slide the weights on, this may help down the track.

Men: 61, 84, 102, 125, 143, 166 kg

Women: 43, 61, 70, 84, 93, 102 kg

Next thing to think about is the box jumps and whether you will be doing rebounding box jumps, jump up/step down, or step ups. If you are doing the rebounding variety, make sure you have a) done them before, b) warm up your ankles/calves/Achilles VERY well and c) have a back up plan in case they turn to poo.

Warm up:

  • You need to warm up for this one really well. Everything along the back side of your body needs be targeted – feet, calves/ankles, hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae (up to your neck).
  • Get on a rower or AirDyne/bike and get the blood pumping.
  • Ankle circles, calf raises.
  • Inch worms & leg swings. Dowel good mornings.
  • Hamstring & calf mobility – rolling, barbell smashing, Voodoo flossing – whatever floats your mobility boat.
  • A few reps of deadlift at each of the weights you plan on getting to in the workout.
  • A few reps of each type of box jump you plan on performing.
  • Practise some transitions between movements and also changing of the weights.

Movement tips – Deadlift:

  • Wear flat shoes – Nano’s, Innov-8s.
  • Have a lifting belt close by to put on for the heavier weights (if needed). If you have suffered with back problems in the past, maybe put it on right from the start and loosen it for the box jumps.
  • Keep the bar close to you.
  • Make sure you switch your lats on by pulling the bar into you – this will aid in keeping your lumbar curve.
  • Don’t overextend your lower back at the top of the movement. Push your hips through by squeezing your butt, not extending through your back.
  • Don’t crane your neck. Keep your gaze level throughout the movement – that means keeping the neck in a neutral position. You shouldn’t be looking at the ceiling!!!
  • Break up the sets to minimize time under tension once the weights get heavy (for you). It may take more energy to do singles, so if you can, aim to get doubles or triples out at the heavier weights – but MAKE SURE to set your back each time!
  • Try switching your grip around.
  • HOOK GRIP!!!!

Movement tips – Box Jumps:

  • If you’re an experienced competitor, then rebounding box jumps are the way to go, provided you have done them before and aren’t currently having any Achilles/calf issues. Just be aware that once you get tired, you may need to go to jump up/step down option.
  • Everyone else, I would probably opt for jump up/step downs. As soon as the trailing leg hits the ground, be ready to jump back up.
  • Use your arms!!!! Other than hanging onto the bar they aren’t doing much work in 14.3 so swing them to gain some momentum.
  • Don’t land too low – you don’t want to be landing in a partial squat on top of the box. This will only gas your legs out further.


Other stuff to consider:

  • Wear long socks to protect your shins – from the bar and potentially (hopefully not….) the box.
  • Double tie your shoelaces. Just do it.
  • RockTape/K-Tape your posterior chain or at least your lower back.
  • Consider and ice bath and massage post workout. Or at least an ice bath and foam roller date.
  • Cool down and post WOD calf, hammy, glute and lower back stretch/roll out.
  • Get yourself into a pair of compression tights.

Think I’ve covered most stuff! Now get out there and get after it – and DON’T deadlift like Tovar. Please.