14.2 was announced a couple of hours ago – a spicy little couplet of overhead squats (95/65# or 43/30kg) and chest-to-bar pull ups.

First thing that went through my mind was “thank god it’s not another Fran ladder!!” Pretty sure that a few other people out there will share in that thought! And then somebody at the box said they thought that’s a green light for thrusters and burpees to be programmed together…shudder….

Chest-to-bar pull ups have made an early appearance this year in the Open, which means that there are going to be a fair few new Crossfit athletes out there who will hopefully be getting their first, second, third chest-to-bars! However, this also means that this workout is going to be pretty short and sweet. For the more advanced athlete, the sky is the limit….or should I say your grip strength, hand/skin integrity and shoulder stamina is the limit.

Preparation tips:

  • Make sure your hands are shaved/filed down. You don’t want any big calluses going into this workout or you will rip.
  • Make sure you have some grips (preferably ones that you have used before), gloves or a good method of taping your hands. Don’t try something new – if you’ve never used anything before I wouldn’t start now. It can get annoying halfway through and you’ll want to rip it all off which will cost you time. But if you don’t protect your hands and you’re going deep into the workout, prepare for hand rips (I’m pretty sure that’s what stopped Camille?).
  • Think about using RockTape/K-Tape for your forearms to help reduce the dreaded grip pump that WILL happen (if you are a higher level athlete). You may even want to consider power taping along the posterior shoulder.
  • If you don’t have CTB pull ups – take a couple days to practise a few reps – getting the timing right on your kip. In reality, you could probably do this workout a few times – think of it as additional CTB practise?
  • Make sure to wear Oly shoes. It will make your OHS easier, particularly if you have poor ankle/hip mobility.
  • If you struggle with CTB pull ups (kipping) – try switching your grip around. Sometimes doing pull ups with your hands facing inwards makes it a bit easier. Also, a mixed grip can help once you start to fatigue as well.


  • Ankles – banded ankle stretch
  • Glutes – banded ankle stretch, lacrosse ball trigger pointing
  • Thoracic – foam roller or double lacrosse ball rolling
  • Shoulders – this is where you should spend the MOST time – you need full shoulder flexion, extension, external and internal rotation for this workout. Check out the MobilizeMe app for ALL the mobility you need to get your shoulders ready here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/mobilizeme/id576108153?mt=8
  • Forearms – barbell smashing, stretching


  • Spend 10-15 minutes getting warm – on a rower or AirBike if you have one.
  • Inch worm and spider mans.
  • Dowel pass throughs for shoulders.
  • Practise a few light (barbell or dowel) OHS, then add some weight.
  • Practise some normal pull ups, then add in the CTB. Play around with your grip – overhand, underhand, mixed grip (for kipping).
  • Go through a few of each of the movements at the weight you are using.


  • Try to squat snatch the first rep (if you can). This will save you time.
  • Try stick to unbroken OHS for as long as you can.
  • Don’t look at the floor during your OHS – trust me on this one! pick a point straight ahead of you and focus on it.
  • Make sure the pull up bar you are using isn’t too high – if you need to, stack some plates under it so you can climb up and place your hands exactly where you want them.
  • Have a plan to break up your CTB pull ups if you need to.
  • Don’t walk too far away from the bar. Jump up and do singles if you have to. Quick singles may be a better strategy than stringing a few together and then resting for too long.
  • Don’t use TOO much chalk. Most of the time a visit to the chalk bucket is unnecessary and an excuse for more rest šŸ˜‰

Good luck and GO HARD!