Who saw this one coming? 14.1 is actually 11.1 – a repeat of the first ever Open workout:

10 Min AMRAP:

30 Double unders and 15 Power Snatch (#75/55 or 35/25kg)


This one is a lung burner and your shoulders will feel a bit like concrete but it’s only 10 minutes!

Warm up:

  •   Get on the rower for a few minutes as this is going to hit all the major muscle groups you’ll be using for the workout.
  • Get your posterior chain – calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower back –  warm and mobile.
  • Burgener warm up with the dowel.
  • Practise a few double unders.


  • Shoulders and thoracic – roll out through your thoracic, lats/ribcage. Use a double ball (lacrosse ball taped together) through your thoracic region. Lie on the floor and go through muscle snatches with a dowel while the double ball is under your t-spine.
  • Calves – barbell/foam roller rollout
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes & lower back


Double Unders

  •  Make sure your rope is in good working order (this may seem silly but last thing you want is your rope to snap halfway through).
  • Keep your arms close to your sides – the further they get away from the body the more likely you’ll trip.
  • Pick a point straight ahead of you and focus on it. Try and keep your breathing slow during your double unders – remember you have someone else counting for you so this is where you can relax and just get them done.


  • The weight is relatively light (for most people) so try and muscle snatch the first few rounds to save your legs a bit. Once you get a bit fatigued you’ll have to start dropping under.
  • KEEP IT CLOSE! Try not to “bang it away” from your body as this will take a toll on your shoulders and make it feel a lot heavier as you get further into your workout.
  • Tape your thumbs!!!
  • Try NOT to put it down. If you do – make sure it’s just a quick break, then 3-2-1 count yourself back in.
  • Don’t go for a walk – to get chalk, a drink, a towel. You only have 10 minutes. Stay close to your bar and PICK IT BACK UP!!

That’s my two cents! Go HARD, have FUN and GOOD LUCK!!