So many body parts to mobilize, so little time.

You’ve got to prioritize your mobility. There isn’t enough hours in the day to hit everything that needs work (for some of you out there). And who wants to spend hours mobilizing anyway? Not me! So here are THREE (yes, just three) mobility exercises that I believe most people NEED to be doing on a daily basis.

Samson/Couch/Office chair stretch

With so many of our waking hours spent in a seated position, our hip flexors get pretty tight. Open those bad boys up on a regular basis and you’ll probably notice that niggly lower back ache fade away.

Samson/Couch/Office chair stretch

Samson/Couch/Office chair stretch – place leg to be stretched on the floor in front of the chair/couch/wall with the foot on the chair (like in the picture) – lunge forwards with the opposite leg – keep your hips/pelvis straight – squeeze your bottom to increase the stretch – Hold 1-2min

Posterior Capsule Stretch

The back of the shoulder has a tendency to get tight and restricted, especially with long hours spent clacking away at a keyboard. This can lead to the shoulder sitting further forward in the joint, resulting in pinching with overhead movements. Try this stretch on a daily basis to help give that shoulder a bit more breathing space. Be careful with this one as it can be a bit painful!

Posterior capsule stretch

Posterior capsule stretch – lie on one side with the arm out to the side and elbow bent to 90 degrees – rotate the shoulder bringing the hand closer towards the floor – make sure to keep the shoulder in contact with the floor – the aim is to get the forearm as close to the floor as possible

Thoracic extension over roller

Stiffness through the thoracic spine can limit our shoulder range of movement. Grab your trusty foam roller and spend some time arching over it to open up the chest, shoulders and middle of your back.

Thoracic Extension

Thoracic Extension – lie on your back with the roller placed under the middle of your back – bend your knees and keep your hips/glutes on the floor – reach overhead with both arms, keeping your ribs down and abs switched on – Hold for 2-3 min